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Piano repair and servicing

If your piano hasn't been used in a while and is about to be called into service, an examination from a professional piano technician like Gavin Atkins Piano Tuning in Darlington can make all the difference. Enquire today.

Piano Servicing & Repair: Welcome
Grand Piano

Get your piano looked at

I provide a comprehensive piano repair and servicing option, covering everything from key cleaning and pitch adjustments to broken string replacements and caster installations. If your piano is due to be the star act and needs a once over, I can visit and make sure it's ready to play. I'm available Monday to Saturday on an appointment basis. 

Piano Servicing & Repair: Services
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Piano expert

Get in touch by phone or email and I'll be happy to discuss what you need and provide a free quote. I've been looking after pianos for 50 years so there's not much that I don't know when it comes to maintaining them and given I'm 5/5 on, you know I can deliver on that knowledge. I'm happy to provide advice too if needed.

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Why choose my piano services?

  • Repairs and servicing covered

  • Fast response

  • Competitive rates

  • Quality work

  • 50 years in the industry

  • Highly-rated on

  • Guidance available if needed

Make sure your piano is in the right condition with help from my servicing and repair expertise. Contact 01325 364424 or 07702 051633 (m)

You can also email

Piano Servicing & Repair: Price Quote

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